Postdigital Artisans

This book focuses on a return to tactility, featuring contemporary artisans who craft objects by hand whilst embracing the digital age. Digital age and all the artists made real-life work. It looks digital but it’s very tactile and physical. To translate that into the graphic design – which is very digital by nature – I asked a calligrapher to write the titles and streamers/quotes by hand. To play with the digital aspect we used a lot of zeros in the page numbers to play with the idea of code. We also contrasted high-gloss with uncoated paper so you have the feeling of a screen versus the feeling of drawing paper. A similar feeling happens on the cover. The blue foil acts like a screen that’s reflecting. `

Designed in collaboration with Mariëlle van Genderen
Author Jonathan Openshaw
Handwritten texts by calligrapher Sarah Blais

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