Modebelofte #2

Modebelofte is an annual presentation during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Presenting the brightest fashion graduates from Dutch and international BA and MA courses, the exhibition is designed, directed and curated by Niek Pulles and Harm Rensink.

In 2016 I was again asked to design the identity for Modebelofte’s Dutch Design Week exhibition. This time the theme was Adaptive Travelers – a reflection of today’s nomadic lifestyle and political struggles. People don’t want to own their own houses and are creating more low-tech, basic living environments. These aspects of the theme are translated into the poster, which feels as if it’s been made quickly – like a protest sign. Drawing inspiration from punk and rave flyers of the ’80s – things you used to make on a photocopier – we developed a playful typographic style. In a way, the project was about eliminating graphic-design rules.

Designed in collaboration with Mariëlle van Genderen

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